How to Care for Your Rugs

We only choose the highest quality rugs here at Georgia Rug Gallery, designed to last for years to come. However, as with all things, carefully maintaining your rug will protect it's durability and prolong it's life. We recommend the following steps.

Use a Rug Pad

A Rug Pad is a durable padding that can be placed directly underneath your rug. Pads prevent slipping on the rug and also adds further cushioning to the rug. With less friction caused by the rug rubbing and sliding against the floor, your rug will last longer!

Regular Vacuuming

Vacuuming not only keeps your rugs clean, but also pulls the fibers back to a vertical position, just as it was when you first purchased it!

Clip Long Ends

Over time you may notice longer fibers protruding from the surface and edges of your rugs. This may occur after vacuuming or moving. Never pull these ends out, this would cause damage to the weave of the rug. Instead, simply clip the longer ends off so they are even with the rest of the fibers.

Clean Spots and Spills

There is an art to cleaning a spill on any rug, but for greatest success - follow these steps immediately after a spill. Do not rub the spill, this can cause fraying of the yarn. Hold a dry, clean cloth against the spill and press gently to absorb the liquid. Repeat patiently. After you have absorbed all of the spill that you can, get some warm, soapy water. Simple soap and water should remove most stains. Apply the warm, soapy water to the remaining spot and follow the previous procedure - using a dry, clean cloth pressed against the spill.

We always recommend testing the soapy and water solution on an inconspicuous area of the rug first to be sure the cleaner does not have any damaging, or staining properties.

Rotate Rugs

We recommend occasionally rotating your rugs. Eventually the regular paths of traffic in your home will wear your rugs a certain way. If possible, simply rotate your rug 90 degrees, to create an even wear across the entire rug surface

Professional Cleaning

We highly recommend having your rugs periodically cleaned by a professional cleaning company to remove the deep dirt that builds over time. This is one of the many services that Georgia Rug Gallery offers! Our rug care specialists can do anything from an overall cleaning and brightening, to difficult stain removal and repair. Let us help you!

Rug Cleaning