Rug Cleaning

Even if you didn't purchase your rug from us, here at Georgia Rug Gallery we are still happy to help make your rug cleaner and brighter! Although we cannot guarantee the removal of all stains, we do have a very thorough cleaning process that can remove most issues. Please ask about our special solution that can treat your rugs and help protect against future stains!

Rug Repair

Rug repair is a delicate process that should only be done by a trained specialist. We have worked with all types of rugs since 2005 and are highly qualified to work on your rugs. Successful repairs will depend on the wear of the rug fibers, and type of damage. Please bring your rug in or submit a request on our form and one of our specialists will contact you.

Custom Cuts & Sizes

For special rug shapes, custom hallways and rooms we can create any custom shape you need! We can even trim down a larger rug to the exact proportions that you require. We also do our own binding in-house to guarantee a job well done! Just want to save an edge of the rug and replace the middle? We can do that too! Please contact us for more details!

Serging & Binding Rugs

Serging and Binding both serve the same function but differ in quality. Both methods will create a lovely new edge that will match the rest of the rug. However, most standard carpet uses binding as an edge. Binding folds over the edge of the rug and then adds stitches. The finished width is approximately around 1/4 inch. This gives the rug a tailored look, a classic finish giving a rug an elegant finish.

Serging continues to wrap yarn around the edge of a rug. The finished width is approximately 3/8 inch. This extra layer of yarn protects the edge from wear and tear, ensuring the rug will last longer than binding. It also gives the rug more texture. Georgia Rug Gallery is proud to offer both Serging and Binding options!